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Grant Heat Pump Reviews: Pros,Cons Cost

Interested in getting a Grant heat pump for your home but not sure where to start? We'll take an in-depth look at what Grant heat pumps are, how they work and the different models that are available in the Aerona³ range. We'll also touch on some of the key benefits and drawbacks of each, as well as give you an idea of how much you can expect to pay.

September 15, 2022

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About The Grant UK Brand

Grant has been a leading manufacturer ofHVAC products in the United Kingdom for over 40 years. The company specialisesin designing home heating systems for a variety of applications, but alwaysfocuses on producing solutions that are both high quality and long-lasting.

Grant Air Source Heat Pumps

While much of Grant's past success can beattributed to its hallmark line of oil-fired boilers, the company has recentlypivoted its operations to address growing market demand for environmentallysustainable products. Air source heat pumps are their biggest and most popularendeavour to date, as they provide an excellent return on investment forcustomers while also helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Grant currently offers one series of heatpumps - the Aerona³ R32. This line comprises four individual models which offerdifferent heating and cooling capacities, as well as a variety of features andbenefits. In the following, we'll review them in detail as well as list thestandout features and potential drawbacks of each. 

Grant Air Source Heat Pumps

Grant Aerona³ 6kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

An accessible option to those in need of anenvironmentally-conscious home heating system, the Aerona³ 6kW R32 Heat Pump isa single unit, single phase air source heat pump. Like other Aerona³ models,it's built with a DC inverter for optimal performance and features weathercompensation, a base tray heating element, and is compatible with S-Planheating control systems. It also uses R32 refrigerant, which is moreenvironmentally friendly than the R410A refrigerant used in older models.

The 6kW model is best suited for smallerhomes or apartments as it can provide heating and hot water for up to 3bedrooms. It has a maximum water flow rate of 15 litres per minute, meaning itcan provide a comfortable flow of hot water to multiple taps or showers runningsimultaneously.

The unit itself is designed for outdoorinstallation and should be installed by a qualified professional. It measures675 by 898 millimetres in size and offers a decent COP at 35°C of 4.61.


Why choose the Grant Aerona³ 6kW R32 airsource heat pump? Here are some of the main reasons homeowners love it:

  • Compact. The Aerona³ 6kW R32 is thesmallest in its entire series, measuring 1024 by 1418 millimetres and weighingonly 51 kg.
  • Flexible. Being as small an unobtrusive asit is, this heat pump can be easily installed in a variety of locations.


Are there any potential downsides to goingwith this product? Let's take a look:

  • Smaller capacity. While its compact sizecan be considered a good thing in some ways, it also means that this model hasa smaller heating/cooling capacity than some of the other options on themarket.
Grant Aerona³ 6kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

Grant Aerona³ 10kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

A slightly enhanced version of itscounterpart, the Aerona³ 10kW R32 Inverter Driven Air Source Heat Pump offershomeowners 10kW of total output to take advantage of. It is a single phaseproduct built with a DC inverter for optimal performance, capable of deliveringresults year round. It also uses the same R32 refrigerant as the 6kW model, isweather compensated, and can be controlled via S-Plan heating systems.

Where it mainly differs though, is in sizeand weight. The 10kW model is higher yet less wide than the 6 kW unit,measuring at 898 by 675 millimetres respectively. It is notably heavier aswell, weighing 19 kg more than its counterpart at 70kg.

With this added bulk comes more power and abetter SCOP 35°C of 5.20.


There are many benefits to be reaped byowning a Grant Aerona³ 6kW R32, including:

  • Good SCOP. With a Seasonal Coefficiency OfPerformance of 5.20, homeowners can rest assured that the Aerona³ 10kW R32 willkeep their property warm all winter long.
  • More power. The 10kW model is ideal forthose who need a bit more heating/cooling power than what the 6kW unit canprovide.


While a very capable product, the GrantAerona³ 6kW R32 isn't without its faults. These include:

  • Bigger and heavier size. The added weightand size of the 10kW unit can make installation more difficult, especially inhard to reach places.
Grant Aerona³ 10kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

Grant Aerona³ 13kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

The Aerona³ 13kW R32 Inverter Driven AirSource Heat Pump is the second largest unit in the Aerona³ collection, with aheight, width and depth of 1418 x 1024 x 403 millimetres respectively. Itshares all of the primary characteristics seen in other products in its lineup,including being single phase, inverter driven and using R32 refrigerant.

But as you may have guessed, this specificheat pump differs in its power output, with that being 13 kW over lower gradesof 10 kW and 6 kW. This enables it to heat and cool larger properties moreeffectively, as well as offer a seasonal space heating energy efficiency ashigh as 215%.

Unlike lower models in Grant's lineup, the13kW R32 also has a Quiet Mark certification, meaning it won't produce as muchnoise when in operation.


What can homeowners look forward to afterbuying the Aerona³ 13kW R32? Take a look at these advantages:

  • Whisper quiet. Unlike less powerful models,the 13 kW is one of two products in the Aerona³ range with a Quiet Markcertification.
  • Amazing SCOP. At a SCOP of 5.40, this modeloffers the best seasonal efficiency of all the heat pumps in the Aerona³collection.


Like everything in life, there are somedownsides to choosing the 13kW R32. These include:

  • Less flexibility for installation. Thelarger size of this unit means that it might be difficult to install in somehomes, especially those with limited space
Grant Aerona³ 13kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

Grant Aerona³ 17kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

The Grant Aerona³ 17kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump is the largest and most powerful unit in the Aerona³range. As such, it shares many of the same features as the other models in thelineup, including being single phase, inverter driven and using R32refrigerant.

While maintaining the same measurements asthe 13 kW of 1418 x 1024 x 403 millimetres, this product is quite heavy with aweight of 118 kg. Despite this, it is still one of the most energy efficientheat pumps on the market with a Seasonal Space Heating Energy Efficiency ashigh as 182%. It's also one of two in the Aerona³ range with a Quiet Markcertification, meaning it's proven to operate with low noise levels.


Some of the benefits that come with owningthe Grant Aerona³ 17kW include:

  • Superior energy efficiency. With a SeasonalSpace Heating Energy Efficiency as high as 182%, this model is one of the mostefficient heat pumps in Grant's collection and in the general market.
  • Great power. The 17kW output makes thisunit ideal for large properties or those in need of more heating/cooling power.


Are there any drawbacks to investing in theAerona³ 17kW R32 air source heat pump for your home? Let's see:

  • Expensive. The larger heating/coolingcapacity of this unit comes at a higher price point than the 6kW and 10kWmodels.
Grant Aerona³ 17kW R32 Inverter DrivenAir Source Heat Pump

How Much Does A Grant Heat Pump Cost?

Unfortunately there isn't a singular answerto this question. The price of a Grant heat pump will vary depending on thespecific model, size and power output that you choose for your home. That beingsaid, you can typically expect to pay anywhere from £2,700 to £5,400 for aGrant heat pump unit.

Keep in mind though, that the price is onlyfor the heat pump itself. If you need to have it installed by a professional,then you will also need to factor in the cost of installation as well.

The price you'll end up paying for yourGrant heat pump will also be affected by any applicable rebates or incentivesin your area, like the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). These can help offsetthe upfront cost of purchasing and installing a heat pump in your home.

When it comes to choosing a heat pump foryour home, the Grant Aerona³ range offers a great selection of some of the mostenergy efficient and powerful units on the market. While they do come at ahigher price point than some other brands, the quality and performance of Grantheat pumps is well worth the investment.

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