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LG Heat Pump Reviews: Pros, Cons & Costs

LG is a big brand to consider when choosing a heat pump. Read on to find out everything you need to know about them before buying.

September 26, 2022

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The company manufactures several air source heat pump models,the most popular of which are the THERMA V Monobloc, THERMA V Monobloc R32,THERMA V Split Heat Pump and THERMA V Split High-Temperature Heat Pump.

The following is an overview of each and what specific benefitsand drawbacks are associated with them.

THERMA V Monobloc

The THERMA V Monobloc is a sleek compact unit with lots tooffer. It features an inverter water pump which prevents energy wastage, a widelouvre fin and heat exchanger path which conserves energy, and offers anexchange rate much higher than many models. LG's pressure control sensor enablesthe system to gauge its surroundings and make faster, more accurate decisionsabout the best way to operate. The THERMA V is also one of the quietest modelsavailable, making it ideal for those who want to avoid any excess noise.


There are numerous reasons why homeowners opt for the THERMA VMonoblock, including:

  • All-In-One Design. The THERMA V Monobloc has been createdwith simplicity in mind. Its simple, all-in-one design means easy installationwith no extra parts or components needed.
  • Energy Efficient. The THERMA V Monobloc is one of themost energy efficient heat pumps on the market.
  • Availability In A Range Of Outputs. The THERMA V Monoblocis available in a range of outputs from 3kW-16kW, making it suitable for avariety of home types.


Although it is incredibly popular, the THERMA V Monobloc isn'tfor everyone. Here are some reasons why:

  • Price. The THERMA V Monobloc is one of the more expensivemodels on the market.
  • Size. The THERMA V Monobloc is a larger model and may notbe suitable for smaller homes.
THERMA V Monobloc

THERMA V Monobloc R32

LG's THERMA V Monobloc R32 is very similar to THERMA V Monobloc,with its main difference being the type of refrigerant it uses. R32 is a more environmentally friendly refrigerantwith a lower global warming potential (GWP) than those used in other heatpumps.  This makes the THERMA V MonoblocR32 a more sustainable option for those looking to minimise their carbonfootprint. Other than that, this model is notably efficient with an A+++ ErPrating and boasts extra features like a scroll compressor with 'wet vapour'injection and a sound power level 5 to 6dB lower than previous models.


Why do buyers choose the THERMA V Monobloc R32? Let's take alook:

  • Environmentally-Friendly. As has already been mentioned,the THERMA V Monobloc R32 is much more environmentally friendly than itscounterparts. With a lower GWP potential, homeowners can rest confident thatthey're doing their part for the planet with this unit.
  • Built To Last. The THERMA V Monobloc R32 - like any otherLG heat pump - has design features that position it to last. Its heatexchangers, for example, are coated in LG's Ocean Black Fin epoxy resin forgreater durability, meaning this unit will withstand the elements for years tocome.
  • Tough In Cold Temperatures. This unit has the lowestminimum operating temperature out of all THERMA V Monobloc models at a frigid-25 degrees Celsius.


What might make someone think twice about the THERMA V MonoblocR32? here are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Flow Rate Errors. Some owners of THERMA V Monobloc R32shave reported experiencing 'CH14' or flow rate errors,  which can cause the system to malfunction.
  • Higher Discharge Temperature. The refrigerant used in theTHERMA V Monobloc R32 is known to have  ahigher discharge temperature than other models.
THERMA V Monobloc R32

THERMA V New Split

The THERMA V New Split is a more recent model that builds on thesuccess of the original THERMA V Split. Dissimilarly to the 'all-in-one'Monobloc,  this system is separated intotwo individual indoor and outdoor units. It manages temperature throughout ahome through zones, so different areas can be set to different temperatures.This is ideal for those who want more control over their heating and cooling orfor larger properties. With an ErP rating of A+++  and a noise level of 20-45dB, this unit isone of the most efficient and quiet on the market.


The following are some of the reasons why  homeowners choose the THERMA V New Split:

  • Flexible Zoning. The ability to set differenttemperatures in different areas of a home is a major selling point for theTHERMA V New Split. This is perfect for larger homes or those with specific heating needs.
  • High Capacity. The THERMA V New Split has a high capacityof up to 100% at temperatures as low as -7ºC, making it perfect for even thecoldest winters.
  • Great Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance. The THERMA VNew Split has a great Seasonal Coefficient Of Performance (SCOP) of 4.65in heating operation.


Some things to keep in mind that might dissuade someone from theTHERMA V New Split include:

  • Installation. The installation process for the THERMA V NewSplit can be more complicated than other models, as it requires two unitsrather than one.
  • Cost. The THERMA V New Split is usually more expensivethan other models, due to its increased capacity and features.
THERMA V New Split

THERMA V Split – High Temperature

The THERMA V Split also comes in a High Temperature model, whichis specifically designed for applications that necessitate stronger heatingpower. It's commonly used in older homes, lesser insulated properties andrefurbishment projects to mitigate and replace the warmth they would otherwiselose with a conventional system.

The THERMA V Split High Temperature model can  reach a maximum hot water temperature of 80°Cin dual refrigerant systems, and up to 65°C with a single refrigerant system.As with the regular THERMA V Split, this unit comes with two parts – anexternal unit that can be installed up to 10m away from the property forgreater flexibility.


 The following are some of the reasons why the THERMA V SplitHigh Temperature might be the right choice for a homeowner:

  • High Hot Water Temperatures. As the name suggests, one of thekey selling points of this model is its ability to generate hot water at hightemperatures – up to 80°C.
  • Flexible Installation. The external unit can be installed up to10m away from the property, giving homeowners greater flexibility when it comesto installation.


Some things to keep in mind that might dissuade someone from theTHERMA V Split High Temperature model include:

  • Limited Performance In Extreme Cold. This model is notable to perform as well in extremely cold temperatures, so it might not be thebest choice for homes in colder climates.
  • Higher Running Costs. The THERMA V Split High Temperature model has higher running costs than other models due to its increased heating capacity.

Why an LG Heat Pump?

There are many reasons to choose an LG heat pump for your home.LG is a world leader in manufacturing high-quality, energy-efficient appliancesand their heat pumps are some of the best on the market. Some of the benefitsof choosing an LG heat pump include the following.

  • Exceptional performance: LG heat pumps are designed to deliverhigh levels of heating and cooling, even in extreme temperatures.
  • Quiet operation: You won't even know the heat pump is therethanks to its quiet operation.
  • Long lifespan: With proper maintenance, an LG heat pump can lastfor up to 20 years.
  • Energy savings: LG heat pumps are highly energy-efficient, meaning you'll save money on your energy bills.
THERMA V Split – High Temperature

The Cost Of It All

LG heat pumps are some of the most popular models on the market,and they come in a variety of types to suit different needs. The average cost of installing an LG air source heat pump system is around £6,000 – £12,000, however the price you'll ultimately end up paying depends on a few factors.

The model and size of the heat pump: The model you choose will affect the cost, as some models are more expensive than others. The size of the heat pump is also a factor, as a bigger unit will obviously cost more to install.

The type of system you need: The type of system you need will also affect the cost. If you need a more complex system with multiple units, for example, it will obviously cost more than a simpler system.

The installation: The installation is another factor that can affect the cost. If you need to have multiple units installed, or if you needs specialised equipment, it will obviously cost more.

It's worth noting that you can get a grant from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) to offset some of the cost of a new LG heat pump. The RHI is a UK government scheme that provides financial incentives to encourage the uptake of renewable heat. You could get up to £12,600 back through the RHI over seven years.

When it comes to choosing the right heat pump for a home, there are a variety of factors to consider. The size of the property, the type of heating needed and personal preferences will all play a role in the decision-making process. But regardless of which specific model you choose, anLG air source heat pump is a great way to enjoy efficient and cost-effective heating in your home.

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